Assistant Teacher Application

We are looking for people to assist in teaching our classes this summer. While the lead teacher is responsible for teaching content and managing the students, the assistant teacher is responsible for helping students and keeping them on task. 

Work Schedule: Expect to work from 8:30 AM until about 4:00 PM, with a break for lunch, Monday through Friday.

Pay: Ranges from $7.25 per hour to $12 per hour based on the complexity of the content, class size, and your skill level.

Qualifications: Working with a particular class depends on your location, the age of the students, and the content area. Classes with younger kids will require more assistance than classes with older kids. Please apply and we will work to accommodate your schedule and knowledge. General guidelines:

  • Experience with computer programming on some level

  • High school student or older

  • Dependability and reliable transportation

  • Desire to work with students of all ages

  • Passion for tech, video games, art, or animations

If you think you might be a good fit, please fill out the form below:

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