Coder Kid Profile: Darwin

Coder Kids is starting a series of Coder Kid Profiles, showcasing some of our awesome students and their perspectives on coding. We have been granted permission to use names and photos of all the students highlighted in our series.

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Darwin, also known on Scratch as @SuperBro69, is a 4th grader who has been with Coder Kids’ after school program for three semesters now!

What do you like most about Coder Kids?

It’s a good environment. The teachers are nice, I have good friends here, and it helps me do good coding.

What are you learning this year?

Javascript on CodeCombat. It’s a lot harder than Scratch so far. I like Scratch more because I have more experience with it, but javascript is fun too.

What are your goals for learning coding?

I want to maybe work for a big company that creates games like Bungie, the company that created Destiny 2. You see games and think, “Oh that’s a really cool game”, but unless you get to actually make one for yourself, you take it for granted.

What did you do you summer camp?

It was a Minecraft coding camp. We got to learn how to code our own mods using code kingdoms. The instructor was nice. It was a hard class, so it was nice to have help.

What kind of games do you like the most?

First person shooters, sports games like Madden 2018, computer games. I also like animations. Sometimes I watch TheOdd1sOut (Youtube) - he makes videos by animating drawings. It’s cool with animations how you can code or draw.

Do you have a favorite project you’ve done so far?

I was never great at Scratch, but I liked my catching game: Under the Sea. The player is a shark catching fish and octopus, but if you catch a diver you lose points. It’s a fairly simple game. I also tried to make a “Choose your Own Adventure” game, but it was tough. You could go like 50 different paths but most of them were wrong.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A game developer because it’s cool to make games that people can play all around the world. Or an aerospace engineer, if I got to work on NASCAR cars or sports cars to make them go faster. I’ve always loved cars and seeing how fast they go.

What’s your favorite video game?

I really like the Destiny series and Overwatch. I don’t watch a lot of TV or watch people playing games because I want to be the one playing the games.

Any other interests?

I’m on a soccer team, I read almost the entire Percy Jackson series, and I like math because it’s fun to know the right answers.

Anything else you want to share?

I turn 10 next week so everyone who sees this should wish me a happy birthday!

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