Coder Kids in Space! Fall 2019 Theme

Here at Coder Kids, we have brand new projects and a brand new theme this fall, and I’m so excited to share it with you! 

Our theme is Coder Kids in Space. That means that your kids get to spend time creating astronauts, aliens, planets, spaceships, and interstellar stories. Some days I wish I was a kid in these classes! Our projects have been built from the ground up to teach coding concepts, and be as fun as possible. Like always, we use Scratch to teach these concepts. Scratch is developed by MIT and is the best tool we’ve found to make real coding educational and engaging. 

This semester we’re rolling out a new system of advancement where students can see their progress as they complete projects. Each project has four separate levels of accomplishment that correspond to XP(Experience Points). The more XP that they acquire, the more rewards they can collect this semester, and the more they’ll learn. This semester they can earn an Elite Space Force wristband, and Coder Kids T-shirt! We are excited about this new system, and for everything that we’ll learn together this fall, as we reach for the stars together.

Jeff Ward