Lead Teacher Application

We are seeking lead instructors for our summer camps. This person is responsible for successfully running a camp from beginning to end, from retrieving computers, setting up class, teaching concepts, managing student behavior, dealing with parents, and closing up at the end of the day.

Work Schedule: Expect to work from 9:00 AM until at 3 or 4 PM, with a break for lunch, Monday through Friday.

Pay: Lead teachers will earn $12 to $20 per hour, based on the complexity of your content, class size, and your skill level.

Qualifications: What we are looking for depends on each specific class. We offer classes for students from ages 5-18. With that in mind, anyone is welcome to apply and we will be happy to speak with you about possible positions.

  • Experience teaching students computer science (highly preferred).
  • In college or older.
  • Passion for tech, video games, art, or animations.
  • Ability to manage a classroom of diverse learners.
  • Dependability - you are leading the class and it is your responsibility to be on time and prepared.
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