All About Coding Foundations

We recently added a video to our Youtube channel covering the basics of coding foundations. This video is one of our first videos we’ve ever produced so we apologize for the amateur film making - I’m confident it will improve over time!

Coding Foundations is one of the most popular classes in the Coder Kids universe of classes. What we try to do in this class is throw together a number of fun activities that are both fun and mentally engaging. A big part of being a computer programmer is understanding logic and structure, so the point of this class is to get kids oriented to completing puzzles and games that teach them to solve problems.

The structure of our Coding Foundations summer camp is typically in stations, similar to what you would see in a typical Pre-K - 2nd classroom. We start the class with a lesson and explanation of the different tools and centers we will be using. Then students go through the different activities with an instructor helping them throughout, and switching every 20-30 minutes. The games the kids play will vary depending on week and location, but you can check out some of the core tools that we use in this blog post.

We know it can be nerve-wracking to leave your child at a camp when they are so young, but at our Coding Foundations camps, there really isn’t a lot of unstructured time where kids could get injured. Apart from playing on the playground during breaks where one is available, students spend most of their day working, solving puzzles, making friends, and exploring new concepts.

At Coder Kids we also take background checks seriously. All of our instructors are screened, interviewed, background checked, and trained before they start working with us. We want everyone to be safe and secure at our camps.

At Coder Kids, we don’t recommend that students take more than one or two Coding Foundations camps per year. The reason for this is that while a week or two might prove to be exciting and stimulating as they learn and explore new things, typically by the end of a week or two, they have learned a lot but are at the upper tiers of what their brains can handle for that year. Actually, coming back to a Coding Foundations class summer after summer is a great idea so that they can see how much more advanced they were than in the previous summer!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Coding Foundations class. Shoot us an email at, or comment on our youtube video!

Jeff Ward