We understand that plans change, so please review the following information before registering so you're aware of your commitment to Coder Kids.

We use class registrations to predict whether or not a class will happen, so last minute student cancellations can impact other students enrolled in class as well as our instructors who are planning to teach. We've created the policies below to be fair to Coder Kids, our parents and students, and our instructors.

Visit our cancellation portal if you need to process a refund.

Please note, we offer a full refund within 24 hours of any purchase. We also give full refunds if we have to cancel a class due to low enrollment. These policies supersede any policies below.

We are happy to discuss or explain our refund policy further if you call us at 832-640-9568.

Behavior Policy

Coding is an academic topic which may not be the best fit for all kids. Additionally, our instructors are mostly college-age students who have limited classroom management experience. If your child has behavioral issues in a regular classroom, they will probably struggle in Coder Kids.

Class Disruption

After one or two class sessions, instructors will contact our operations team and notify us of any students are struggling with behavior in class. Examples of class disruption are students who are severely off task, bothering other students, being too noisy, etc. We will contact you regarding the situation so you can address the issue with your child. After that, if a behavior issue continues, we will contact you regarding withdrawal from the class and give you a partial refund for the remaining classes (75% x cost of remaining classes).

Violent and Extreme Behavior

In the case of violence toward another class member (fighting, screaming, etc), your child will be removed from class with no refund.

After School Refund Policy

If you cancel at least a week before class starts, we can offer a full refund.

If you cancel your registration within 7 days of class, we can give you a 75% refund.

If you withdraw your child after the first class, we can give you a 50% refund.

No refunds are allowed after the second class.

Summer Camp Refund Policy

We offer a full refund prior to 14 days of the start of camp. 

We offer a full refund anytime if you can replace your enrollment with another student.

We offer a 50% refund within 8-14 days of camp.

No refunds are allowed within 7 days of camp.