Working with Coder Kids


“I would recommend working for Coder Kids to anyone, especially people who want to be software developers. Having the chance to explain challenging concepts to people is very useful in any career. I truly believe that having Coder Kids on my resume helped me land my dream internship.”

—Sergio Mendoza, Instructor 2017-2019

What We Look For

Coder Kids is looking for high school and college students, teachers, and tech-savvy individuals who are interested in helping to teach after-school classes and summer camps. If you are a self-starter, good with kids, and interested in teaching coding, join our team!

Being a Coder Kids instructor is a lot of fun. You get to work with kids, build cool stuff, and make good money compared to your typical college job. Most important, it is great experience in a growing field!

Fall / Spring Instructors

For our Fall and Spring classes, we hire primarily college students with an education, computer science, or technology major (although everyone is welcome to apply, including high students). If you are interested in working for us, please apply through this website.

Summer Instructors

For summer staff, we hire a combination of teachers and high school / college students. If you are a teacher interested in working with us, please apply through this link. If you are in high school or college, please apply through this link.


We always have lots going on here. If you are interested in helping out with things like: public relations, social media, SEO, finance, web development, curriculum development, human resources, or anything else that might be relevant, please reach out to us (!