Meet the Staff: Andrew Heller

Our instructors never cease to impress. Andrew Heller, shown above, is one of our favorite instructors. He is smart, good with the kids, and in this video he explains what he likes about studying computer science in college at University of Houston and how it applies to helping our students in Coder Kids.

We hire a lot of college students like Andrew to work with us because they are on the cutting edge of learning computer science and other skills. Coder Kids looks great on the resume so we give them the chance to learn and grow with us and gain skills for their future employers. Many of our instructors have gone on to get great internships and jobs out of school.

There are a lot of benefits to your child as well since we hire college students. Our instructors are young enough to still relate to the kids well, but old enough to be able to be responsible and manage difficult situations.

While we would love to hire certified teachers for all of our classes, unfortunately schedules usually do not align to hire teachers who are currently working. So college students offer the exact right level of maturity and schedule flexibility to offer a high quality class.