Coder Kids Teacher Partnership Program

Recently, we here at Coder Kids launched a new program directed primarily at teachers. Technically anyone interested in working with kids who has some technical background is welcome to apply, but we think the program works especially well for teachers.

Teachers are some of the best trained and most capable problem solvers in the world, but many are scraping by trying to make ends meat. With our program, for no upfront cost, teachers can teach coding in the summer time or after school, with our help and guidance.

Approved partners will get:

  • Access to our registration platform

  • Help with online marketing and marketing materials

  • Curriculum documents and other resources

  • Equipment as needed

We require that our partners:

  • Run a minimum of 3 summer camps

  • Find local facilities where they can run camps

  • Communicate well with parents and stakeholders

  • Take care of equipment and materials

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, we recommend that you set up a meeting with Jeff (from the video above) to talk through all the details in detail. We are happy to answer any questions.

If you know of a teacher or entrepreneur who may be interested in working with us, please spread the word!