Coder Kids Summer Camp 2019 Recap

Hard to believe, but we are already done with another summer and moving into fall.

This summer was awesome! We had over 100 total camps (half day and full day), with over 900 total kids taught! Not bad!

Coder Kids Camp -

We started out the summer in Fort Bend ISD with some coding mini camps, working with the Fort Bend ISD Extended Learning and Community team. We taught about 50 students in those 3-day camps. It was quite the warm up.

After that, we jumped right into classes at Parish Episcopal School (Dallas), the Alcuin School (Dallas), St Mark’s Episcopal School (Houston), and a variety of other locations in the suburbs of Houston. We are so grateful to have been able to share many fun learning moments this summer in all parts of town. We hope to continue to be a fun and affordable summer camp option for years to come.

Katy Coder Kids - Cinco Ranch

One new thing we were able to offer this summer was a drone camp with our partner STEMDrone, with owner Chieu Tran. Students in this camp got to both work with drones, but also see engineering in action, building obstacle courses and navigating the drones through them. Students also got to see a high-end drone in action to see how far their skills can take them! Here’s a shot from our fancy drone.

That spells CK (Coder Kids) in case you can’t tell.

That spells CK (Coder Kids) in case you can’t tell.

Another fun thing we were able to do this summer was expand and focus on our gaming camps, through our instructor Kyle. Kyle is a high-level gamer by most standards, so having him teach our Fortnite, Unity, Minecraft, and Roblox camps was a truly awesome experience. He was so focused on the kids learning the skills they really needed to succeed in gaming.

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Coder Kids Gaming Camp

We could not have made it through our summer without our excellent instructors. If you haven’t yet, please take a minute to thank the instructors from your class! They dedicate a lot of time and energy to working with Coder Kids and we are so grateful for them.

Thanks also to those not pictured!

Thanks also to those not pictured!

Final thank you to the many parents who send their kids to camp with us! We know it takes a lot of trust to sign up for a camp and we do our best to make it a worthwhile experience for all!

Onward to Fall, Spring, and Summer 2020!